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Geliebtes Schwesterherz,

das Jahr ist vorbei und so vieles ist anders. Wärest du hier, wir würden mit Prosecco darauf anstoßen, dass mein Fotografiejahr so viel besser gelaufen ist, als zunächst gedacht. Wir würden uns dieView full post »

marryMAG Hochzeitstanz Fotowettbewerb

Runner-Up | 2. Platz Fotowettbewerb “Tanz im Glück” marryMAG Hochzeitsmagazin

August 27, 2014. This date needs to be written down. The new German wedding magazine marryMAG runs a themed photo contest for professional photographers with each issue. The third photo contest wasView full post »

ladies and gents – this is nina.

i was very honored when my dear friend (and fellow photographer) nina asked me if i could take some photos of her. she needed new ones for her website (thanks for being on my site by the way, butView full post »

nina. a sneak peak.

a little sneak peak of what i am working on right now. my good friend nina asked me to take photos of her for her website. this is one of my personal favorites. letter-spacing: 1pxView full post »

ladies and gents. this is it: the website.

i’m so thrilled to let you know that i am finally online. like for real. check out my web portfolio and let everyone know about it! if you like what you see, spread the word even more. sinceView full post »

testing 3.0.

anne & andreas. anne & i worked together at THE coffee place in bielefeld. andreas was a regular. he finally asked her out. and they have been together ever since. and ever since they haveView full post »

testing 2.0.

part two of my testing weekend. hamburg clients. for real. i had my very first, very real shooting with hamburg clients. and with “real” i mean clients that i didn’t know before. noView full post »

testing 1.0.

so, this weekend was dedicated to testing and trying out. yeah, i know, i am repeating myself. let’s start with my HOT shootsac. seriously, it is one of the best investments i made so far. thisView full post »

this weekend. promises and apologies.

this weekend is a weekend dedicated to testing. and trying out. hamburg clients. new lenses. and my very own shootsac. i’ll let you know  on monday how it turned out. and this is aView full post »


i was going to buy the 85mm. to reward myself for the work done. i checked my bank account and the thought struck me: “hey. i can buy the 85mm 1.8 now.” it was only a thought. becauseView full post »

get it done. now.

a little reminder for myself. since my blog comes up everytime i go on the net, this little to do list might help me stay focused. cuz i wanna make some biz, right?! in random order: - get newView full post »

you live and learn.

so. there is this photographer based in hamburg that i admire. he is one of those that set the high standards of wedding photography in germany. which is good and well needed. i stumbled upon one ofView full post »

adversity is the school of wisdom.

i guess mistakes are a part of it. and sometimes one has to learn it the hard way. this will not happen again. ever. what i learned? take care of it. straightaway. letter-spacing: 1pxView full post »