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From 35 to 220. Keep on rollin’.

november rain destination wedding denmark danmark gunsnroses

November Rain.

“So never mind the darkness We still can find a way ‘Cause nothing lasts forever Even cold November rain” - Guns ‘N Roses letter-spacing: 1px !important; font-size: .8emView full post »

Fall in [analogue] Love // Herbstliche analoge Hochzeitsfotografie.

yay! it’s 2014. i am back. and it is wedding wednesday! remember that styled shoot that nina talked me into that was even featured at lieschen’s? i guess you should, since it is the postView full post »

one frame.

oh. geez. it’s been long. i almost did not remember how to log into this blog. that kind of long. and when i looked at my last two posts i realized i could easily pass this year with one singleView full post »

to have or not to have. hair.

my sister is fine. or better, she is doing fine. pia just got back from her second round of chemotherapy. so far, the heavy side effects weren’t too bad. at least that’s what she isView full post »

hold on for a moment.

you might be wondering why it is so quiet on the blog. despite my promises to be more active and to post more. this is the reason: these photos were taken last year in september. when my sister andView full post »

welcome back.

long time, no see. lots of things have kept me from coming back here. different things. personal issues. life. i might dig into this deeper some day but for now this will do. at least i hope. and nowView full post »

destination wedding photography new york city hochzeitsfotografie east village katz's

new york city – last part. keep on rollin’.

the final part of this year’s new york trip. all film, all black and white. they were converted though since i only carried color film with me. by the way, i used kodak portra 400 if anyone isView full post »

destination wedding photography new york city hochzeit hochzeitsfotografie brooklyn bridge

new york city. straight out film – part one.

i am back from nyc. and i still love it as much. everytime i visit new york city, this feeling comes up. the feeling of wanting to live there. the vibrance and mood of the city just takes youView full post »

straight out. film.

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