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c+m | a beach wedding in dänisch nienhof // strandhochzeit an der ostsee

right before i left for my sister’s wedding in france, i was blessed to photograph a beautiful beach wedding at the baltic sea. there was a time when i dreamed of getting married at the beach of hawaii and since this hasn’t happened so far, i was thrilled when claudi and matze asked me if i would photograph their wedding. a beach wedding in august? OH YES! i was all in.

they had their civil wedding at the strandhaus in dänisch nienhof. a beautiful location and the best part: you can get married having your feet in the sand for real. in case you don’t know, civil weddings in germany have to be held underneath a roof to be legal, so civil outdoor weddings are rare.

as much as you cannot predict life, for sure you cannot predict german weather. and right when the ceremony was supposed to start, rain started pourring. claudi was so cool, she insisted on having their wedding outside. so we all tucked in underneath the gazebo and  it was quite an experience – for all of us.

Claudi and Matze, thank you so much for asking me to photograph your remarkable wedding! I wish you all the best and hope to team up again next year :)

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