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adele | the first one of my two middle names.

bielefeld | my home town. my club.

canon 5d | is what i have. i‘d love to be the owner of the 5d mk III. anyone out there who wants to give it to me?

dessert | really is the main course.

espresso | so important. in any form. didn‘t work several years as a barista for nothing.

fate | i believe everything happens for a reason. whatever reason that is.

geez | fork and knife just need to match.

hamburg | my new home. my hood.

i | have the habit to check the fridge when i am at a loss, not looking for food but answers maybe.

journeys | so much fun. love to travel. gotta visit nz again some day!

krolli | this is what thomas calls me sometimes.

lilac | one of my favourite colors. as well as grey, purple, green, dark brown. and of course black, white and blue! ;)

minnesota | lived there for a year. and love it since. feels like another home.

number 7 | my favorite.

orderliness | love it. and is important to me. but sometimes this site of me is somehow not so obvious.

pia | my little sister. knew me like no one else. lost her battle in may 2013.

quality | over quantity.

rolleiflex | yes. i am the proud owner of one. my mother gave it to me. which makes it even more special.

soccer | being played since i was little.

thomas | beach. friend. fellow. lover.

university | not my thing. english and literature is what i studied for way too long.

vertigo | live 2005. my first U2 tour.

why | is this harder than i thought?

x | just x more years and i will get myself an old mini cooper in memory of my little sister. she was heartbroken about having to sell hers.

you| almost made it to the end of the list.

zodiacsign | gemini.

Bilder gemacht von Nina Reinsdorf.

  • 10. Mai 2010 - 12:17

    Johanna - raw / Leonie. that’s what you get.

    you / have nearly made it to the end of the list.

    random thoughts :)

    Viel Erfolg!!

  • 10. Mai 2010 - 20:09

    leonie. - thanks johanna. needed that input!

  • 12. Mai 2010 - 14:17

    bine - Love your website, Leonie!
    Echt super gemacht! Poste mal mehr Fotos! Die beiden finde ich echt schon richtig gut!

    Liebe Grüße aus Großhansdorf,
    Bine. :))