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Runner-Up | 2. Platz Fotowettbewerb “Tanz im Glück” marryMAG Hochzeitsmagazin

August 27, 2014. This date needs to be written down.

The new German wedding magazine marryMAG runs a themed photo contest for professional photographers with each issue. The third photo contest was themed “Tanz im Glück” which basically asked for happy moments during the dance. Meanwhile, I was editing a wedding and one image struck me in particular. I remembered telling Beach (aka Thomas, the Mitbewohner) I had a new “all-time” favorite photo. I caught a special moment between the bride and groom during the first dance and there was no way I would let this opportunity pass. The image was just perfect for the photo contest.

Later, I received an email from lovely Eva, one of the editors at marryMAG, telling me I was nominated for the Top 10 but wouldn’t tell any placements until the magazine is out. Oh boy, I could not wait! When the day came, I rushed to the mailbox, eager to find out who won. I seriously jumped, screamed out loud and did a happy dance when I saw I was runner-up. Wow, it is such an incredible feeling to see your own work printed in a magazine! Thanks to the jury of course for this honor!

I am beyond thankful for Tanja and Marcus for not only letting be a part of their wedding day but for allowing me to use their photo. I wouldn’t be writing these lines if they weren’t that awesome!

If you want to know who won the contest and how well Tanja and Marcus look in print, you should buy marryMAG’s 4th issue.


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