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    This is meant to be my journal. My personal platform. Random and for sure uncensored.
    My love for photography began at a young age and pursuing it as a career became a dream. Today, I am working hard to fulfill that dream.
    This blog is my very own story, documenting the struggles, the joys, the hopes and the flaws of my journey. It is also very personal at times, better be aware. :)
    I‘d be happy to take you along on that journey called life.

yay! it’s 2014. i am back. and it is wedding wednesday!

remember that styled shoot that nina talked me into that was even featured at lieschen’s? i guess you should, since it is the post prior to this one. :D

well, i had my beloved rolleiflex with me and since styled shoots are there for tests and inspiration – i tested what my little rectangular box is capable of.

all kodak portra. most of them the 400. except the detail shots, those were portra 800.

i must admit, with 12 photos on a roll of film i usually end up with 2/3 being alright. that is, technically being alright, not talking about compostition or creativity here. but i do fuck things up. usually focus, sometimes exposure, and for sure i have a double exposure on my roll. like this one. oh boy, just imagine this one not to be double exposed?!

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  • 15. Januar 2014 - 19:55

    Fräulein Zuckerwatte - Die sind HAMMER! Echt! Aber was sag ich, ich wieder hole mich: A N A L O G! Go for it!

Let me introduce a new thing to my blog: Wedding Wednesday. I have so much stuff lined up I will now go backwards and post something wedding related every wednesday.

And I will start with my very first styled wedding shoot. Which is also my very first feature on a German wedding blog! I am very proud of Nina and myself for making this shoot happen! We teamed up with some great wedding vendors and pulled off a beautiful autumn inspired wedding shoot: Fall in Love.

A massive thank you goes out to Susanne of lieschen-heiratet.de for not only featuring our shoot but also for any help you offered throughout the process.

Make sure you check out her wedding blog!

Thank you my dear friend Nina for pulling this off with me! And last but not least


Idea, Concept + Photography: Nina Reinsdorf Photography and me :)
Decoration + Florals: Ambiente – Regina Hermann
Papeterie: grafikNEST and BBFT Atelier
Hair + Make Up: Katharina Buschmann
Bride Attire: “Shelly” by noni Brautmoden
Groom Attire: Dittrich
Sweet Table: Café Lenz (Wedding Cake, Apple Cake, Petit Fours,Vanilla Cupcakes, Chocolate Cake) and Barbara Hunger (Mini S’more Cupcakes, Tartelettes, Mini Cheesecakes, Caramel Apples, Mini Donuts)
Location: Domäne Möllenbeck
Assistance: Aline Gärtner
Models: Kim Danwerth and Chris Wedemeier

for your contribution, help, and participation! I think we were an awesome team and I hope to be working again with you!

P.S.: Thank you Jens for letting me use your car ;)

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  • 13. November 2013 - 16:18

    Fräulein Zuckerwatte - Well done girls! VERY well done!

  • 13. November 2013 - 16:47

    Alex - Gorgeous photographs Leonie!! X

  • 22. Dezember 2013 - 22:00

    Christiane - Die Fotos sind unglaublich schön. Wenn ich später mal heirate, dann wünsche ich mir auch so schöne Aufnahmen. Schließlich soll es eine Erinnerung fürs Leben sein.

oh. geez.

it’s been long. i almost did not remember how to log into this blog. that kind of long. and when i looked at my last two posts i realized i could easily pass this year with one single post. and to be honest, i would not mind. because that post is what this year is all about for me personally.

but life went on. and pia would have wanted me to continue. she believed in my photography. of course she did, she was my favorite subject. :)

and i did.

so, i am getting back on track.

one frame. taken with an old flame.

rolleiflex // kodak portra 160.

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