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to have or not to have. hair.

my sister is fine. or better, she is doing fine. pia just got back from her second round of chemotherapy. so far, the heavy side effects weren’t too bad. at least that’s what she is saying. geez, it hurts to see my little sister shaking, or resting on the sofa, or having some nose bleeding. but she is tough and does not show how it affects her really.

pia and her hair has always been an issue. last time she had such long hair was when she went to primary school. she always wanted to let it grow, got impatient and cut it short again. she finally made it and managed to let it grow. after the first surgery in january, she got really thin, her face was slim and she decided to get her hair curled to add some volume.

this hair situation could easily be a line in alanis morisette’s lyrics of “ironic”.

but so far, she is not losing hair. the doctors say, she might keep it but it will become thinner. pia knew she will go through chemotherapy the minute the doctor told her she had a metastasis. so she asked me to have her pictures taken before going to hospital for surgery.

and this is the outcome. in digital and on film.

and my favorite:

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  • 25. März 2012 - 14:45

    Danielle - Beautiful young lady and gorgeous photos!!!

  • 15. Mai 2012 - 18:42

    Ann-Kathrin - Beautiful, Leonie.

    Big hug!

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